Mission Statement

VooDoo Volleyball Vision

We believe in a strong, consistent coaching philosophy that challenges the individual.

We believe in positive reinforcement and the importance of fostering an environment that develops self-confidence, good sportsmanship, cooperation and self-discipline resulting in the maximum performance for youth athletes in competitive volleyball.

We believe that the process always determines the outcome. It is not the win that determines success, but the hard work invested in the journey that ultimately forms the overall athlete. 

We believe in the power of relationships and that it takes a community to raise a child. We will do our best to embrace a gym culture that is committed to character development, leadership training and life-skills application.

We believe that volleyball has evolved.  Coaching styles and skills training must adapt.  Our coaching staff is committed to a consistent learning experience for each individual player throughout the season and crossing from year to year in our Club.  Thus, affording a unique opportunity for seamless instruction that affords the athlete a greater opportunity to achieve maximum performance.

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